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14 September 2013 @ 08:13 pm
Luck Stealer (019): Steal the Life  
Title: Luck Stealer
Rating: R (for violence, gore, and possible sexual content)
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin, (side!pairings to be revealed)
Genre: AU! Tragedy, Violence, Supernatural, Mystery, Action, Romance
Summary: Cho Kyuhyun, or much famous for the name 'Devlon' is an assassin hired by the government to kill the most uncontrolled criminals with his cursed left hand. Bound to the promise to protect his brother, he came across an unexpected turn of events when he was also hired by the one he's supposed to kill, the former president's only son. Lee Sungmin.
Disclaimer: The title and starting plot came from the Japanese manga Luck Stealer by Kazu Hajime.


Heechul groaned in exhaustion, he had been focusing on this theory as soon as Sungmin have asked him, with their boss being busy with the issues on the attempt on Hyukjae’s life and almost succeeding with it, he had heaved a great sigh when he was told by Hangeng that the latter is already awake, thanks to Kyuhyun and Donghae.
That part made his brows furrowed. Sungmin knew something about the siblings which he did not share with everyone else, he knew Kyuhyun can steal ‘Luck’ and it may cause demise on the victim’s part and he wasn’t sure how Kyuhyun had saved their comrade. Hangeng then told him that he had overheard Kyuhyun and Donghae arguing and then Donghae pleaded for Kyuhyun to save Hyukjae, and the luck stealer did. In what methods? That, was yet to be discovered.
A soft knock from his door and Ryeowook peeked with a sheepish grin. “Hyung, you’ve been there for 2 straight days, come on outside get some fresh air.” The kid chuckled lively and it made Heechul smile a bit. Ryeowook is such a nice kid, innocent and caring. Being a killer isn’t suitable for such a nice youg man yet he won’t part with Jongwoon. He flashed a smile on his dongsaeng. “Yeah, I’ll go out in a bit okay, is everyone at the dining for dinner?”
Ryeowook pouted. “Hmm, except for Sungminnie hyung, Kyu-hyung, Kangin-hyung, Teukie-hyung, Hae-Hae and Hyukkie. They were still at the hospital, Donghee-hyung has just returned and Hangeng hyung and Ye-hyung are still with the suppliers.”
“hmm. It’s lonely with few people around the house..” Heechul grinned. “okay, I’ll go dow-“
Heechul have decided to join Ryeowook for dinner when a pop-up box blinked on his monitor, he had read the title, it was an article, an old one at that and someone familiar were on the screen. His eyes widen.
“Ryeong when will Sungmin and the others return?” Heechul asked without even looking at his dongsaeng.
“Hmm. Maybe tomorrow, the doctor called and he said Hyuk’s been better, why?” the younger asked in confusion at the sudden realization that came to his hyung’s face.
“Shit. This can’t wait.” Heechul said saving the file closing his laptop and almost dumping his necessities on the duffel bag at reach. Hurrying as he scampered into a decent pants and shirt. “I need to go to the hospital…” Heechul stopped and looked adoringly at the crestfallen Ryeowook.
“I-I can’t go hyung, you know that… but, I’ll wait here for Hangeng Hyung and Yesung Hyung. You go and ask Donghee hyung to drive you, it’ll be much much faster.”
Heechul smiled as he patted Ryeowook’s hair when they both scurried to the door then down the flight of stairs.
“What’s up?” Shindong appeared from the kitchen stuffing himself with some muffins and Ryeowook laughed when Heechul grabbed him by the sleeve and hoisted him towards the front door.
“That muffin’s mine you dork!” Heechul growled. “And we’re going back to the hospital, there is something important to discuss.”
“Anf Woofie’s nuff comimf?” Shindong answered with a mouthful of muffins.
“He despises hospitals so get your ass moving.”Heechul shouted pulling the bigger buff to the car on the porch.
The rain had luckily stopped pouring just in time for Heechul to go out who kept muttering his hatred for thunderstorms when he was scrambling his stuff to the car. Then when they were set, Ryeowook waved at them rigorously. “Bye Hyungs, take care!”
“We will! And save us some muffins baby! When we all come back, we could all eat dinner together okay?” Heechul shouted back getting himself in the car.
“Sure!!” his dongsaeng shouted back and the car swiftly drove away from the pathway.
Ryeowook pouted, he hated being left alone but it seemed to important so he didn’t want to get in the way.
He closed the door and skip his way to the kitchen, the dinner were all set and he frowned that they won’t be eating until tomorrow when all of them will probably return to their home.
Ryeowook smiled. He had found a great family, those who will not use you for your ability but those who will treasure you. Though, they are a bunch of murderers, there’s nothing more humane than being in this home. He loved everyone and he was very thankful to have the privileges of being with them.
A soft ‘ping’ from the oven removed him from his sheepish trance, he walked to the kitchen to remove his remaining muffins on the stove, it’s a good thing he had hidden the surprise for them or else Donghee would eat them all.
He chuckled at the thought; his birthday will be tomorrow and he felt sorry that everyone is so busy, but he didn’t mind. He will surprise them all and then they could drink and laugh at the same time, he’s sure that everyone will celebrate with him and will set aside the problems they had for the mean time.
He really wish that ‘tomorrow’ will come fast.
Sungmin murmured at the warmth beside him and the occupied feeling on his bottom. He flushed beet red when he remembered how hot their evening went and how he refuse to part from Kyuhyun.
“Kyu~” he pat the arms of the luck stealer on his waist. “Wake up remove your ‘thing’”
“Hmm. You said to keep it there.” Kyuhyun muttered eyes still closed. “Come on lets sleep some more?”
“What are you a log?” Sungmin chuckled before reaching out to his pants on the floor sliding off of Kyuhyun’s member, an unexpected whine escaping his lips. He cursed himself mentally for being so horny and lewd. He fished out his phone from his pocket just to check what time is it, but was welcomed by 5 missed calls and 10 messages.
“What the hell?!” he cursed making Kyuhyun stirred eyes opening as he accommodate Sungmin back in his arms. He kissed the blonde man’s cheeks and nuzzle himself to the crook of his employer’s neck.
“Heechul Hyung had called.” Sungmin hummed at Kyuhyun’s ministrations, Kyuhyun on the other hand hated the distraction and he tilted Sungmin’s face towards him and begun shoving his tongue to the other’s mouth, Sungmin smiled at the possessiveness and responded right away, his arms on  Kyuhyun’s neck as he pulled the other deeper into the kiss.
Air is needed so he pried further from the hungry man in front of him and stared at his phone flipping through the messages when he had read the Heechul is coming to the hospital.
“Wai- Wait Kyu – hmm- stop.” He muttered in between kisses and parted unwillingly to the man who sighed in defeat.
“What is it?” Kyuhyun asked annoyed but nonetheless cuddling to Sungmin’s neck.
“Heechul hyung is coming, he said there’s something important they need to discuss with us.” Sungmin said fiddling to the other messages.
“Can’t it wait till tomorrow?” Kyuhyun whined and Sungmin chuckled at the new found childishness on his lover’s normally nonchalant attitude.
At the thought of he and Kyuhyun being lover’s, his mind begun processing triple the times and his heart stammered. Kyuhyun owned him already, not only by physical but on emotional also. He’s too affectionate and passionate to the man now sleeping beside him never letting him go.
“I’m afraid it can’t.” Sungmin sighed before leaning once again to kiss Kyuhyun’s bare shoulders. “We need to go back huh?
“Okay…” Kyuhyun sighed dejectedly. The storm has passed and the night were silent, the wall clock, slightly illuminated by the light from the lamps read 11:30 in the evening. He had hoped to have Sungmin in his arms longer, but there were plenty of times for that, he noticed the frown on his employer’s brows and it could only mean that the matters they have to attend to are important
They changed warily, exchanging a few kisses here and there and Sungmin laughed at Kyuhyun’s cursing about his still drenched clothes. Sungmin pulled him in an embrace, another kiss, full on the lips before they went out.
“Where did the both of you came from?”
Heechul’s voice echoed through the halls as soon as Sungmin opened the door to Hyukjae’s room. Everyone was there and Heechul’s gadgets are all sprawled on the bed occupying it’s space rather than the patient who’s sitting with a strained smile in the couch, beside Donghae who seemed out of place but is clinging to Hyukjae’s sleeve.
Kyuhyun frowned at his brother who refuses to look at him. “We’ll talk later Hae.” Kyuhyun muttered before he slumped at the other unoccupied couch.
“Hyung, we just talked.” Sungmin looked down hiding the flushed on his cheeks to the elder who seemed unamused by his lame excuse.
“And you’ve been talking for 5 hours and you came back hair disheveled, clothes crinkled and drenched-“ he eyed Kyuhyun who bit his lips and suddenly found the floor interesting. “red markings on the neck, and limping.” Heechul finished eyeing Sungmin who toppled back ashamed. The eyes of all the people in the room were on the two of them and Sungmin just wanted the ground to open up and swallow him especially when Kyuhyun cursed a small ‘smart ass’ followed by Leeteuk’s whack at his forehead.
“Yeah, you really talked everything out.” Heechul spat arms folding on his chest, clicking his tongue.
“Ah, hyung. The important matter please?”
Heechul smirked and then decided to let the two go for now since what he discovered from an article way back is something that need not to be delay.
He opened his laptop and the article popped. He signaled Shindong to turn off the lights and the projector attached to the laptop lighted and reflected the image on the laptop to the white wall. Sungmin sat on the chair provided for him by Kangin and focused on the image. It was old and hard to be distinguished, it was an article about an unknown fire that torched a whole orphanage from way back 1960’s the picture held 4 photos, 3 boy and a young girl.
“As you can see, this is from a fire  in 1960’s it was an orphanage back in a small village, the survivors are the 3 boys and a little girl. I’m zooming in the picture…” Heechul pointed out and the zoom in picture appeared.
Sungmin gasped and stood up from his seat. “H-Hyung that’s-“
“The Seisai, and your father.” Heechul pointed out. “And the other two is-“
“My father and my uncle.” Kyuhyun responded his eyes with a glint of surprise and confusion as he and Sungmin looked at each other.
“If Kyuhyun’s father is there then… he’s a luck stealer right?” Hyukjae asked and Donghae flinched.
“My father’s the luck stealer…” Kyuhyun replied. “And his brother…”
“Is like me.” Donghae spoke.
“Why are they together on that orphanage, I don’t understand…” Shindong jutted in. “Sungmin did your father say that he was an orphan?
“No.” Sungmin replied. “I didn’t know…”
“I researched on this and found out that the two, Devlon’s father and his uncle were both the last of the luck stealers before, of course, you were born.” He looked at Kyuhyun who seemed to be seriously focusing on the new found information.
“However what I was thinking is why is Sungmin’s father and the Seisai there on the orphanage, it may only mean that the two are related also. After the said incident the four kids were separated. The seisai were adopted by a Japanese yakuza, Sungmin’s father by an elite in Korea and the two luck stealer were both adopted by a provincial villager. Apparently, the four of them passed away so we can’t tell exactly what had happen that night the orphanage burned but it felt something was really off and that there is something missing.”
Heechul used the silence that stretched to show another photo, it was a picture of the four children being interrogated. But something was odd.
“hyung, I think something’s wrong?” Sungmin asked
“Yeah, I think that in my haste the other part hasn’t been uploaded yet. The seisai looks like she was taking something from the police that investigate, but it was cut off. Anyhow we should go back and maybe that last part will give us more hint.” Heechul said and Shindong opened the lights once again.
An alarm broke out the silence and Sungmin fished out his cellphone, a smile broke out from his previously worried face.
“Hey, let’s go home early tomorrow morning, it’s Wook’s birthday.”
Heechul clapped his hands on his mouth. “That’s why he’s been cooking, oh fuck we really screwed up, we forgot!”
“I’ll just sent him a text.” Sungmin giddily chuckled and he hurriedly typed in when his phone suddenly slipped out of his hand and fell on the floor with a loud crash.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” Kyuhyun asked as he came nearer when Sungmin didn’t move from where he was standing shock his eyes focused on the fallen device.
He looked up, brows furrowed and somewhat tense. “Kyu, I just felt something weird all of a sudden.” Sungmin stated when he finally moved to pick up the phone that had turned off by the impact.
“Come on now, were all just tired, let’s rest for a bit kay?” Kyuhyun said and everyone agreed. Sungmin nodded hesitantly but the dread didn’t go away.
“Slow down Jongwoon, you’ll get us killed in your speedy driving, we’ll get there on time don’t worry.” Hangeng chuckled.
“Were late Hyung, I told Wookie that I’ll get home at 12 and look it’s already 3. Knowing him he’ll probably be waiting for me and is sleeping in the couch.” Jongwoon muttered dejected.
“It’s because you took a lot of time on choosing his gift. He’ll love it don’t worry. We’re almost there.” Hangeng laughed. “Relax would you?”
Jongwon hummed but his heart kept hammering, the weight of his gift on his pocket seemed to get heavier and heavier, he swerved towards the familiar uphill and then towards the automatic gates who were open for some reason.
Hangeng too felt the air get thicker at the unusual sight of the gate and he readied the gun on his pocket. They both flinched when the next unusual sight bombarded them.
All the lights of the mansion were shut down.
“Fuck! Where’s Wookie, I hope he’s not here…” Jongwoon growled when he and Hangeng walk out of the car towards the entrance.
The killing intent weren’t there anymore but there is something that made their hearts pound. They peered slowly inside and was greeted by nothing but blackness. The air was still and the wind is chilly.
They entered the premise and a stench reached their nose. It was supposed to be disgusting but their stomach fell from when they saw a heap of lump in the main entrance’s floor.
A pool of blood around a pale, peaceful face of someone they know.

A/N: I’m sorry but I need to do this. My heart, is aching at this moment and I didn’t wish for this to happen yet my writer instincts tell me that a sacrifice is needed.

To all my readers out there. This is the true angst of my ‘Luck Stealer’

auwchris2775 on September 14th, 2013 04:14 pm (UTC)
Don't tell me wookie is dead?? I have the feeling that the next chapter will be heartbreaking.....thanks for the fast update by the way ^^
신 혜림bomchii_97 on September 16th, 2013 01:39 am (UTC)
I cant say anything for now and I'm sorry, the next chapter will really be utter chaos.
geureiseugeureiseu on September 14th, 2013 04:45 pm (UTC)
Did Wookie die?? On his birthday?? Huhuhuhu. But I trust you and your writing skills so i'll of course anticipate the next chapters.
신 혜림bomchii_97 on September 16th, 2013 01:39 am (UTC)
Thank you soooo much T_T I'm sorry for making this fic hard for the readers...